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  • Lifestyle Columnist Erica ParedesLifestyle Columnist
    I tried my Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake'n Spray to see if it was really worth my money. I was half expecting it not to work at all, but - surprise, surprise - my hair was dry in about 11 minutes. I highly recommend this product on its own because all you need is a little bit, just enough to coat your hair for it to work its magic.
  • The beauty junky Martha Sta. BarbaraThe Beauty Junky
    If there's one thing that I have to buy over and over again from this brand, it's this because this multitasking leave-in, heat protector, and softener is what cuts your blow-dry time in half - My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Shake'n Spray. My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret gives me soft, bouncy, and pretty hair in just a few minutes, thus I use it when I'm running late!
  • Vanessa Mayuga-Santos, Co-owner of Stella by TalaCo-owner of Stella by Tala
    I just discovered Maui Babe Browning Lotion last May from Karrots Nazareno and I am a true believer. Instant tan in just an hour. Smell is amazing – it’s a blend of coffee and macadamia nut oil. I hoarded 3 bottles as they are always out of stock!
  • Creative Director Rita Nazareno of S.C. VizacarraCreative Director of S.C. Vizacarra
    I’ve been trying to swim a lot lately and have been using this fabulous product from Hawaii (smells good too). I had a friend who once commented that albino did not suit me – so I took heed and am now going for a bit of a nice brown tan.
  • Assistant Buyer Yeesa Yu of Tory Burch PhilippinesAssistant Buyer of Tory Burch Philippines
    I love tanning (much to the dismay of my conservative Filipino-Chinese parents and the BF who has to lug around my heavy beach tote) and one of my favorites for tanning and after-sun products is Amazing Maui Babe.
  • Resort Wear Designer Reenee Alvarez for La PlayaResort Wear Designer for La Playa
    The Amazing Maui Babe is the “bestest” suntan lotion in the world!
  • Grace Velaso of
    For tanning, I swear by Amazing Maui Babe’s Browning Lotion. Simply the best and most effective!
  • Jackie Go of
    No more tangled hair because #TheAngelHasLanded. Amazed at how every stroke gives a massaging feeling on the scalp. I might just do the 100 brush stroke rituals again with Tangle Angel.
  • Lifestyle Columnist Rissa Mananquil-TrilloLifestyle Columnist, Model, & Entrepreneur
    Great-looking hair starts with the right tools. I recently came across a brush that is heaven sent! Tangle Angel Professional Detangling Brushes don’t just look pretty, they keep your mane pretty, too! Apart from an angel-wings design, the combination of short, medium, and long bristles produces effortless detangling to prevent hair breakage and split ends. I’ve been loyal to the same brush for more than five years, but after trying this, I never want to let go! It perfectly detangles both wet and dry hair. The design of the bristles is so efficient that brushing the hair has never felt so lightweight and effortless! The more I use it, the smoother and shinier my hair seems to get. It’s now my guardian angel to great-looking hair.
  • Cat Arambulo-Antonio of
    THE PEREFCT TAN. Ahhhh this is something that I’m quite versed in since I’m as pale as a ghost and it takes me FOREVER to tan. Believe me… I’ve tried it all. From tanning beds, spray tan, sunless tanning lotion and even beer. ALL FAKE! For me, it smells (literally) and looks a little orange-y! Nothing beats the glow and the golden color that the sun can give.
    Until I discovered Maui Babe and my other tanning essentials. I swear by this and have been using Maui Babe for years! I used to order Maui Babe and hoard from friends coming back from Hawaii… then eventually it was available on Amazon… and NOW.. FINALLY… it’s available in Manila. Yahooooooo!!!
  • Model & Entrepreneur Tweetie De Leon-GonzalezModel & Entrepreneur
    My long-haired looker likes his cool grooming tool. It is a detangler that's antibacterial, heaven sent for every pet owner.
  • Alyanna Martinez of
    Tangle Angel is the brush you will ever need for all your hair needs. Anti-bacterial, heat resistant, anti-static, detangles w/ ease and will never snag your hair!
  • Grace Barbers-Baja of
    How cute and spoiled is my new discovery? Yes this is a hairbrush! This one from Tangle Angel is heat resistant, antibacterial and anti static! But more than that, it's a great detangler, perfect for mine and my little one's long and thick hair! Makes for a great blow drying brush too, suitable for all hair types! (Created by celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward)
  • Preview Magazine Beauty Editor Agoo BengzonBeauty Editor, Preview Magazine
    Just discovered the amazing effects of using a hi-tech brush like the Tangle Angel. It detangles hair effortlessly and is also anti-bacterial. It's available at the following establishments: Strip Manila, Browhaus, Beauty MNL, Eastwood Mall, and Festival Mall; BLO Blow Dry Bar in Serendra, Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Megamall