Acne and in-grown hair with Brazilian Facial Cleanse, Dehydrated skin with Brazilian Facial Hydro, Dull skin with Brazilian Facial Light


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Buy 3 sessions of Brazilian Waxing (using Limited Edition Wax) and get 1 session of Brazilian Facial for FREE!

What is Brazilian Facial?

It is an innovative procedure that provides non-invasive exfoliation while delivering skin type specific pharmaceutical grade topical solution to treat concerns such as dehydration, dull skin, acne and in-grown hair.

This treatment is designed to treat problematic skins found in the most intimate (but often most neglected!) body parts.

We can use this treatment on other body parts - Kneecap, Underarms, Elbows, Buttock line, Eyes and even Lips. Strip has crafted specific exfoliating tips for each area to deliver the best-desired result.

There are 3 different Brazilian Facial treatments depending on the concern. Cleanse for acne and/or ingrown hair, Hydro for dehydrated skin, and Light for dull skin

What are the different problems that can be treated and addressed by Brazilian Facial?

 Acne and/or in-grown hair with Brazilian Facial Cleanse
 Dehydrated skin with Brazilian Facial Hydro
 Dull skin with Brazilian Facial Light


How often do I have to do the treatment to achieve desired results?
Like any facial routine, it is recommended that you go for 1 session monthly. If you are suffering from severe conditions, we will recommend 1 session every 2 – 3 weeks. However, results may vary depending on individual.