Semi Permanent Makeup After - Care System (Camera Kit)

Semi Permanent Makeup After - Care System (Camera Kit)

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Ensure your newly resurrected brows, beautifully lined eyes and naturally tinted lips remain picture-perfect. Our After Care System contains Build (10ml), Fix (15ml) and tools such as a facial bowl and spatula to make your very own brow Mask!

Size: 10ml (Build) & Fix (15ml)

How to Use: 

Cleanse and apply a thin layer over the affected area when needed.


FIX  - Mr. fix it! Anti-scarring balm with Vitamin A, D and Lanolin to heal skin wounds. 
Ingredients: Vitamin A, D, Lanolin, Paraffin and White Petroleum

BUILD - Post treatment care builder with in-built Growth Factors to repair and regenerate the skin cells.
Ingredients: Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor