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3 reasons why you should use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is the secret of every hairstylist and hair lover. People know dry shampoo as a product used by those who can’t or don’t wash their hair every day. It absorbs oil from your hair and your scalp, freshening up hair even without shampoo.



But did you know that dry shampoo has more benefits? Read our 3 reasons why you should use dry shampoo!


  1. Dry shampoo adds texture to freshly washed hair.


Freshly washed hair is nice and clean but it’s hard to style it without products. Those with fine hair or those with smooth and silky manes know a bun, braid, and curls will quickly unravel without some heavy spraying of sea salt spray or hair spray. If you don’t want the stickiness and stiffness of these products, then try dry shampoo. It adds grip to hair, keeps hair accessories like clips and bobby pins from sliding off, and holds hairstyles for longer. All while keeping your hair soft, too!


  1. Dry shampoo keeps grease at bay.


If you have an oily scalp, you may worry about having flat, lifeless hair by lunch. Dry shampoo can help with that! Bring a can with you and spray it on your roots and all that oil will be absorbed and brushed away! Dry shampoo is a must-have for freshening up your hair after a workout and before a dinner date. You can even save time in the morning by skipping the shampoo in the shower!


  1. Dry shampoo makes your blowout last longer.


If you just came from the salon with the most bouncy, blow-dried hair, you can extend its life (and your money’s worth) by using dry shampoo. No need to wash your hair the next day. Just spray on, brush out, and revive that bounce!


Dry shampoo should be on every stylish woman’s beauty arsenal. We recommend My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Dry Shampoo Extend It. Its micro-fine tapioca starch absorbs excess oil while keeping the product lightweight. This starch also adds body to your hair and guards against humidity. It also smells so good! The patented Two-Phase Odor Eliminating Technology guarantees that your hair won’t just look and feel clean, it will smell great, too.


Try My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Dry Shampoo Extend It! It will definitely become one of your favorite hair care products.




Article by Frances Amper Salas