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Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Serum review

My experience with caring for my lady parts used to just consist of a feminine wash. So when I heard of Two Lips, an entire skincare line devoted to the care and pampering of the vulva, bikini area, and bum, I definitely perked up. The first product I wanted to try was Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Serum.


Here’s my review. 

Vitamin C is a skincare ingredient used to brighten skin tone, promote collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Serum added brightening botanicals to its formula for visibly smoother, lighter and tighter skin in the intimate area. I like that!


I had a few hesitations because I had used another Vitamin C serum on my face and it dried out my skin for two weeks. I didn’t want my vulva to dry out! Dryness down there is not good for sex and it will be cause for itchiness. I also knew that the skin on the vulva is more sensitive than the skin on my face for example and so I had to make sure the ingredients weren’t harsh.


Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Serum uses Ascorbyl Glucoside, a water-soluble derivative of Vitamin C. It may be an acid but it’s stable and gentle for the most sensitive skin. So that’s good news for my vulva and bikini area. It also has hydrolysed collagen and sodium hyaluronate so that skin is hydrated. Assured of its gentle but effective formula, I tried it.


Since Two Lips is a skincare line, I decided to try this serum on other parts of my body. I applied one pump of the serum to my face, armpits, and vulva. I loved that it was a watery, colorless gel. It is very lightweight and not sticky or slimy. No fragrance at all, which can be an irritant. It was easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Best of all, there was no stinging, itching, or redness. It also dried into a nice matte texture that is silky smooth. I had experienced that sensation with other products for my face so it was really interesting to feel that same silkiness on my vulva and bikini area.


After three weeks of using Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Serum, I noticed that my armpits felt smoother. My vulva and face also looked brighter and felt firmer. This product works!


As a woman, I am so amazed I have never thought about giving my lady parts more than basic care. Two Lips Diamond Gentle Vitamin C Serum is a must! Intimate care should be more than cleansing. Now that I can also make my intimate areas smoother, softer and brighter, there’s no going back for me when it comes to true self care!




Artile by : Frances Amper Salas